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Updated: Jun 4, 2022


As we continue to celebrate the healing power of sounds pulsing through the collective, @VisionaryRising & @Good+Rising presents the second edition of our ‘Introspection Artist program’ featuring T-Couture! You can stream 'INTROSPECTION MIX 02' on T.Couture’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

In conversation with the artist, we discuss her approach to creating her first collection of merchandise, her creative process, and much more!

The program will select one artist per quarter as the agency’s creator in residence and partner to build their overall portfolio, increase business acumen, and provide creative marketing services.

Be on the lookout for @T.Couture “Couture'd Radio” every first Friday of each month, and our next release of the mix series, on the last Tuesday of the month!

Follow T.Couture on these streaming platforms:

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