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Updated: Jun 4, 2022

First Listen is a series from Visionary Rising where we provide our readers with early access to the music that will soon become the soundtrack to their lives. Featuring DJs, Musicians, and a host of others, these mixes are curated by artists we love and shared with you to enjoy.

Introspection Q1 with T.Couture has come to an end, but we made sure that T.Couture ended her residency with a bang! VisionaryRising presents the third edition of our ‘Introspection Artist program’ program featuring T-Couture! You can stream 'INTROSPECTION MIX 03’ on T.Couture’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

T.Couture has created three Introspection mixes with Visionary Rising. All three mixes are based on a certain theme. For the month of March, Mix_03 is dedicated to Women’s History Month giving the spotlight to many female creatives that are forgotten or continuing to pave the way.

Within the Introspection Residency, T.Couture was able to accomplish so many of her goals and monetize her platform T.Couture had her merch store planned, released, and sold out with the help of the Visionary Rising team researching, strategizing, and executing throughout the whole process.

Here’s what T.Couture had to say,

“You guys were super helpful with guiding me into the right direction when it came to my merchandise, where to sell it and how much to price each item for.”

Introspection Residency will select one artist per quarter as the agency’s creator in residence and partner to build their overall portfolio, increase business acumen, and provide creative marketing services.

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