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A Look Inside Our New Residency Program INTROSPECTION

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Visionary Rising Agency is excited to announce a new artist residency program: Introspection - Artist Residency. The program will select one artist per quarter as the agency's "creator in residence" and partner to build the artists' portfolio, increase business acumen, and provide creative marketing services.


The INTROSPECTIVE Residency will focus on quarterly resident artists build their overall portfolio, increase business acumen and provide creative marketing services. Each artist will showcase a different creative discipline that truly speaks to the Visionary Rising Agency mission of being an agency serving the multifaceted needs of underrepresented brands, creators, and entrepreneurs.


  • Brand Development

  • Brand Marketing

  • Assist with Website Design and Development

  • Collaborative Mixes on Spotify

  • Provide assistance in Merchandise marketing and more


For our Q1 we are excited to work with T.Couture, from Tampa, Florida.

T.Couture is a DJ, Photographer, and Multi-hyphenate Artist. She’s the founder of Couture’d Radio, a monthly independent radio/mix released on SoundCloud, introducing her favorites soon to be yours-dedicating sounds from all over such as instrumentals, R&B, Baile,and so much more. She likes to think of her music as audio experiences. Future beats and more mixed together.

As a marketing student at USF T.Couture's concentration in Graphic Design, she is an entrepreneur in charge of her own vision. Between her love for film/digital photography and design, she expresses herself in abstract and colorful ways.

T.Couture’s featured mixes will drop EVERY LAST TUESDAY of the month starting today and continue to stream via Soundcloud! Couture'd Radio will be available every FIRST Friday.

Stream the first mix below:

Connect with T.Couture

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