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FIRST LISTEN: In Rotation Playlist

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

First Listen is a series from Visionary Rising where we provide our readers with early access to the music that will soon become the soundtrack to their lives. Featuring DJs, Musicians, and a host of others, these mixes are curated by artists we love and shared with you to enjoy.

"In Rotation" is our monthly playlist showcasing the songs we can't get enough of and artists we're excited about. As a creative agency, we know music and creation go hand and hand, so this playlist is designed to set the vibes and help you focus on monetizing your art.

This month's drop features tracks from agency favorites Pell, Larry June, and Drake, with new releases from Sza and upcoming artist Jenevieve.

Tap in + stream the mix below and be sure to follow us on Spotify for new music dropping monthly:

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