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Celebrate Good Times

Celebrating six years of Visionary Rising Agency and setting the stage for what's next.

Six years ago today on a day not unlike today, I launched the site for Visionary Rising Agency as the culmination of months of hard work. What I would find out later is that launching the agency was not only the culmination of years of preparation, but it was also the start of a new journey. When I launched, the idea of owning a creative studio was something of a long shot. I did not know a lot of people who’d done what I was dreaming of doing, and yet, I knew even fewer people who had succeeded at the scale I was aiming for - but I knew that it was possible.

The path here was not an easy one. In the years since opening our virtual doors, I've learned how to survive and thrive in the creative industry and I recognize there are even greater lessons to learn, as we set our sights on even bigger goals. Yet, as I re-read our launch statement, I know that the initial vision of the agency hasn’t shifted. Visionary was built on the belief that creators can build anything if they have a community. I’ve shared our model over and over again: the easiest and quickest way to scale something is to partner and collaborate with the best there is. We’ve done that over and over again. From the companies we’ve counted as clients to the creators who have blessed our projects with their ingenuity, and the community that has continued to foster this dream.

Since launching, we’ve paid out over 6-figures to independent creators as part of our staff and tout a 90% inclusion rate across projects. That means the collaborators on our projects are minorities, identify as women, and are LGBTQ+, 90% of the time.

The opportunities that have come to us have always been shared with our community.

As I celebrated today’s milestone with our core team, I was also struck by how many creators have gone on to launch and scale their own studios, secure placements, build entire communities to help others thrive, and so much more all from the foundation poured here. I am beyond thrilled to share new initiatives with the intent to expand the ecosystem and access to opportunities for underrepresented creators, studio owners, and freelancers who have often been told that their dreams are out of reach.

They aren’t.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the launch of the VSNRY Creative Society (VCS), a members-only collective designed to help creators break through the barriers of solo entrepreneurship and scale their studios to six-figures and beyond.

Members of VCS will receive access to the resources, courses, and experience needed to scale their craft while also gaining the opportunity to work on projects across our portfolio of clients, increase their revenue, and focus on doing more of what they love: putting dope shit out into the world.

Applications to join the community are open to everyone starting today and will run through the end of the month. I encourage anyone who is interested in scaling their efforts to apply and join our network. I know that what we build together is far greater than anything we’ll build on our own.

I’m excited to continue building with you. Let's keep dreaming.

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