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Working with Our Team: Uncovering the Good

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Getting Started with Visionary Rising

Visionary Rising Agency is a team of creatives who fuse traditional and digital media to generate memorable campaigns and strategies for clients. We build authentic touch points, one story at a time. Our Austin-based creative strategy and production studio crafts cross-platform campaigns that drive real human interaction using creators and culture for brands who want to reach diverse audiences.

The agency was started as a means to bridge the very real gap between digital and traditional media. We believe in authenticity: we find it in the heart of every consumer on social platforms; we nurture it by listening closely and expanding on the finer points to uncover growth opportunities.

We believe in collaboration: we work with our team to write the next chapters of a brand’s story and that starts by uncovering new insights and strategies for clients in order to craft cross-platform campaigns that drive human interaction.

This means being respectful of both the traditional and non-traditional paths that lead creators to us. It means respecting our own time and the time of others, allowing us to deliver awesome things for you. It also means recognizing that respect is a two-way street, which includes being respectful when we have to say no or ask questions about what’s needed from your side as well.

This attitude of integrity sets an example so that other members of our team can follow suit; it inspires them to do their best work in order to serve ourselves and those around us better.

So how does this play out? Well, for starters:

  • We set reasonable expectations with deadlines early on - and meet them!

  • We communicate efficiently through Slack channels and meetings (with clear agendas)

  • Everyone feels comfortable voicing concerns or asking for feedback

  • We listen to each other’s ideas before passing judgment (and we have healthy debates!)

  • We explore multiple points of view and thought before taking any action

  • We hold each other accountable to the agreed-upon goals and deliverables.

We also take time for fun! In order to maintain a good work/life balance, we try - when possible - to keep our meetings short (30 minutes or less), have flexible hours, and scheduled days off at least once every two weeks. This approach has resulted in higher productivity while preserving mental health; team members are happier and more productive as a result of this culture.

If you’re looking for a team of creatives to help with your next campaign or strategy, look no further than Visionary Rising Agency. We’d be more than happy to help you uncover the good in your brand story. Contact us today to get started!

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