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Visionary Rising + Soundstripe Partnership

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Soundstripe.

Soundstripe is a stock music site made for video producers, offering a variety of high quality royalty free songs, and a one-of-a-kind unlimited licensing model for the industry. The platform is designed to make it easy, profitable, and fun for videographers to add great music to videos without any hassle.

Exclusive Offer for Visionary Rising Clients & Creatives on the Rise Podcast Listeners

Our team works hard to ensure that the partners we work with are aligned in our mission to democratize the creative industry by enabling access to resources, tools and in some cases, funding to be available to all. Soundstripe's mission is to "Keep Creatives Creating" by providing video content creators access to a growing collection of royalty free music at an unbeatable price. NOW, thanks to our partnership, this price is even lower for Visionary Rising Clients & Creatives on the Rise Podcast listeners.

Creative tribe members receive 10% off monthly subscription services by entering "Creatives" at check out. That's right! Their one-of-a-kind unlimited licensing model & unbeatable low prices are EVEN LOWER for our network.

Access Visionary Rising's exclusive portal here, browse through the subscriptions and enter coupon code "Creatives" or "RiseoftheCreatives" at checkout to claim the discount.

Happy creating!

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