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Visionary Rising and Wethos team up for #InSession: A Series for Creators

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Over the last year, the Global Gig Economy has exploded in growth, with projections to be over half of the workforce by 2030, that number will be largely made up of creators, who already make up 59% of the current 60 Million employed as freelancers.

It comes as no surprise that creators are leading the charge in changing how the world works but, with less than 5% earning above 6-figures, they are still taking the smallest piece of the pie.

Wethos, an end-to-end platform built specifically for studio owners, recently raised $8 MILLION to change how creators work and help to shatter that 6-figure ceiling. I am excited to share that Visionary Rising has partnered with Wethos to bring you a series built for creators by creators, to provide insightful tips on utilizing the Wethos platform to scale rapidly and win more business. #InSession: A Series for Creators, is a 6-part series artfully crafted to provide creators, studio owners, and freelancers, with all the tools and resources needed to expand to the next level.

When I discovered Wethos, I was like many of you who’ve read the blog, seen our work, and followed us for the last few years: a studio owner doing great work but struggling to align the company’s bottom line with the value we provided to our clients. I had a feeling I was undercharging, but with others being unwilling to openly share their rates, I was limited on what to leverage when potential clients low-balled us. And, trust me, they did that often. In June 2020, I started thinking about how I wanted to shift the agency’s model, increase our rates, and work better. That search led me to the Wethos platform’s scoping tool and an invitation to join as a 1 of the 100 founding studios. The first thing I did was complete a scope for one of our clients and immediately discovered how much money we’d left on the table ($20K), by not negotiating our rate. I completed a few more using the service's library and was stunned.

The next steps became extremely clear to me. I spent the remainder of 2020 restructuring our service offerings, creating new scopes of work, and increasing our rates.

So far in 2021, we’ve signed $25K, $50K, and $100K agreements, on RFPs we were able to turn around in days thanks to the Wethos platform. We’ve maintained an 80% win rate on services, maintained a 99% retention rate for clients, and been able to expand our projects utilizing the collaboration tool.

I don’t just want to give you the blueprint on how to scale - I want to give you the tools, resources, and knowledge to do it again and again. Save the date for October 12, 2021, and get ready to level up your output.

Register for #InSession: A Series for Creators and stay tuned for more information on the amazing sessions we have lined up.

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