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An independent agency for global brands and talent challenging the status quo and outperforming expectations across consultancy, strategy, and design. 

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The Introduction

Allow us to introduce ourselves : we are the Visionary Rising. A creative design agency based in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Austin, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

We are proud to join the 3% of women-led agencies and creative directors in the world of advertising and design. Our mission is to Cultivate, Innovate and Elevate in every thing we do from the content curated across all platforms, to the influencer installations across all disciplines. This agency links together two distinct business models into one cohesive plan where business and creativity coexist.

The first model was established in October 2011 to provide business and brand development to individuals and small companies who did not have access to traditional funding. Under the umbrella of Visionary Logistics, our team worked on, consulted, curated and developed campaigns for 150+ companies and entrepreneurs intent on launching new products and/or applications. In 2014, a second tier was formed - Creative Rising Management, it's mission was to assist performing artists with the tools required to build their business and provide the ability to launch + sustain a career in entertainment.

What sets either of these companies apart you ask? Aside from the proven track record of launching independent brands + securing funding for entrepreneurial pursuits - is the fact that the founder, LaTecia Johnson, has had a career, that for the last 14 years has spanned both Entertainment + Digital Advertising. LaTecia has worked with top-tier brands to create memorable campaigns that push the gamut and propel their businesses forward. Her time spent at Fortune 100 companies convinced her of two things:

1) Large brands had the marketing strategy + revenue to reach new markets but lacked the creativity required to sustain interests and

2) Smaller brands had the creativity but lacked the revenue + marketing strategy.

She realized that if there were a way to bring the two worlds together, there was no limit to what could be achieved.

Fast forward to 2016, and the founding of Visionary Rising Agency, with the intent to do just that:bridge the gap between strategy and creativity. Take one part innovation and business strategy, another part creative design, add a dash of cutting edge analytics, and what we have is a firm intent on elevating the standard by working with the types of businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists that truly drive the needle forward to change the landscape of advertising.

Our philosophy "Work Less. Create More." was born out of an intent to help businesses + individuals do less of the work they don't like (understanding end-to-end amalgamation, strategy + brand development, etc.), so they can focus on creating more of the things they love (content, music + innovative products).

We hope you'll join us on the journey of blending these worlds together and experience the rise of the creatives for yourself. #RiseOfTheCreatives #ThisIsVisionary

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