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Building the Future

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Each year since launching in 2016, I've sat down and written out Visionary's company commitments. As the company has grown and shifted over the last three years, the prior commitments served as a reminder of what we were building and a commitment to stay on course. The company I launched is much different than the company I lead today, and I am sure, will be much different than the visionary of the future - but one thing has remained true: we are a company by creatives for creatives.

At our core, even as the structure of what our target customer looks like has changed, our commitment to creativity for creativity's sake has not. 2018 was a trying year for the company. Growth is a beautiful, yet painful thing - so even as we grew: taking on larger client projects, expanding our services, growing our team and technology capabilities - it was also necessary to make adjustments. Those adjustments came in the form of parting ways with clients who had been with us from the beginning and others who no longer fit the direction we were headed, while preparing for the next phase of business. As anyone who has ever made a change can tell you, change is not easy. So, as we made these changes, we took our time ensuring the changes would benefit the end goal. I'd like to introduce you to Visionary Rising, Incorporated. We're still a creative agency at heart, but now with so much more power behind us to do the work that is needed of us.

Visionary Rising, Inc., is home to a suite of companies focused on serving the multi-layered needs of underrepresented creative entrepreneurs no matter their medium. We've worked with the brands who want to represent them in the marketplace to help to tell those stories, and now we want to work directly with the creative entrepreneurs to craft new stories that center the voices of the multicultural world around us.

We are building the future of work for the creative class one idea at a time. So, whether you've known Visionary Rising from the beginning or are just now joining us, my hope is that you'll give us a chance to show what we can do. 2019 will be a year filled with new services, projects, and team members, who you'll get to know intimately - my promise, in this next phase is the same as it has been since launching: to bridge the gap between brands, creatives, and the audiences they covet while using art, music, tech + a little bit of magic along the way.

Welcome - let's get started.

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