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An independent agency for global brands and talent challenging the status quo and outperforming expectations across consultancy, strategy, and design. 

LaTecia Johnson

CEO & Founder

LaTecia Johnson is a senior growth strategist and entrepreneur working at the intersection of music, tech, and culture focused on building safe digital spaces while doing innovative work for rising and global acts. Throughout her 10+ year career, including stints at both Fortune 100 companies and high-growth startups, she has worked to transform ideas into full-scale endeavors while delivering high-impact outcomes for global clients using a combination of data, actionable insights, emerging social trends, and interactive content.

LaTecia is deeply committed to championing a more integrated ecosystem that positions creators at the forefront through the development of tools, resources, and strategies that enable artists to monetize their audience directly, retain ownership of their IP, and benefit through authentic partnerships with brands deeply committed to building the future of work for all creators.

LaTecia Johnson


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