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VSNRY Rising partners with Tulay

Updated: Jan 28

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Tulay

About Tulay

Tulay, based out of Oakland, California, is a platform that helps creators get brand money way before NET payments are due. They help creators take advantage of the benefits of their brand deals as soon as they do the work without having to wait for the payout.

About Visionary Rising

Visionary Rising, (also known by the moniker "VSNRY"), based in Austin, Texas, is a culture-focused creative studio and growth partner for ambitious brands, creators, and startups ready to scale.

About the Partnership

For many decades, a very small number of companies controlled what we saw, read, and listened to. These players were known as “big media” and were staunch supporters of the status quo that saw them blanketing their advertising spend across all available platforms, icing out those they deemed unworthy, propping up the type of cookie-cutter aesthetic that ensured they sold more without saying very much or having to adhere to any type of standards from the general public. That changed with the introduction of The Creator Economy and the ability for everyday people to gain access to audiences, build community, and tap into the ability to work directly with brands they love by creating content.

Today, creators are creating businesses at an overwhelming rate, but less than 5% of those businesses scale to over six figures. As an independent creative agency and strategy studio that has worked on both sides of the brand conversation, Visionary Rising, understands the challenges other independent creators will face with launching, scaling, and growing their businesses after the overwhelming responses we’ve heard from freelancers detailing their difficulties in developing their business and driving revenue.

This intimate understanding of the challenges is one of the reasons we’re excited to partner with Tulay, a financial platform uniquely positioned to help creators maximize their potential by unlocking access to funds when they need it most. Together, we are focused on providing the access and resources creators need to leverage their content, own their output, and scale their businesses to the next level.

“It’s important that we meet creators at the point of their needs and provide solutions that improve their lives.” Says Tulay CEO, Alex Okafor; “Partnering with the likes of Visionary Rising makes sense because they share our passion for serving creators by providing critical resources and insights to help them flourish as artists and businesses alike. We’re excited about all the creators that Tulay and Visionary Rising will have the privilege of supporting.”

What does this mean for VSNRY Creators?

Visionary Rising and Tulay will be working together to develop content centered around addressing the common roadblocks encountered by creators, core financial management pillars, scalability, and the macroeconomic factors that impact diverse creators, affecting access to money and the ability to book recurring deals. Our partnership will also tackle the things creators need to know while negotiating deals and how to leverage their opportunities for future growth.

“Our partnership with Tulay is a no-brainer,” begins Visionary Rising founder and CEO, LaTecia Johnson, “Oftentimes, creators have to choose between taking a great paying opportunity that they’ll have to wait for thirty or more to receive payment for or taking the immediate opportunity that may not be as lucrative, but will pay them quickly, so they’ll have enough money to pay their rent. Tulay’s commitment to advancing access to creators when they need it most aligns with Visionary Rising’s goal to expand how creators access capital and what they can do with it when they do.”

The partnership will extend early access to the Tulay platform for members of the VSNRY Creator Society, a global network of diverse creators and freelancers actively working to break through the six-figure club of high-earners. Members of the network can expect to receive early access to the platform, along with targeted content developed to help them increase their earning potential and access their funds as they scale.

How to join

Access to our community is free but does require an application process to join. Interested creators can apply here to join the community before applications close on January 31, 2023.

A second opportunity to join the network will open later in the year if you miss out on the opportunity to join now.

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