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Visionary Rising Agency Joins Wix as an Official Agency Partner

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

We are excited to announce that Visionary Rising Agency has joined the select group of official Wix Partner agencies. After an amazing experience working with Wix on many of our projects, we were honored to be formally invited to be part of the Wix agency community at the end of 2020. .

This partnership means that Visionary Rising Agency is now a member of the Wix Marketplace, where brands and businesses get connected with top professionals and agencies on the platform.

As marketers, we work with a long list of technology providers on a daily basis- many of whom you’ll meet over the next few weeks. So far, through Wix’s partnership in 2021, we’ve onboarded 30+ clients to the platform; beyond being a powerful web design, content management and SEO platform, Wix stands out for its competent team and ongoing community support.

We look forward to a long and productive relationship throughout 2021 and beyond!

Check out our website portfolios and drop us a line if you’re ready to get started on your project.

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