Visionaryrising and Goodandrising are excited to introduce the Q2 “Introspection Artist Residency” program. Our inaugural artist T.Couture launched the residency with a multitude of sounds and shared how music moves us all and can be cathartic.

After a successful first quarter, we move into a new discipline that focuses on how artists not only occupy spaces but elevate them.

We proudly announce we are collaborating with Set Designer/ Creative Director, Janiya Pendelton, Founder of “Visions By Jan”. Janiya sees herself; “as a vessel on a mission to bring out the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing art. That's how I view myself as a creative”.

The program will select one artist per quarter as the agency’s creator in residence and partner to build their overall portfolio, increase business acumen, and provide creative marketing services. She expressed to Visionary Rising Agency the desire for developing a team and necessity for collaboration. She exclaims, “Every creative needs a team. I believe every creative can be successful with the right help and tools that will work in favor of them and their brand or craft”.

Be on the lookout for @visionsbyjan discussions surrounding ways to amplify your vision and revamp your spaces.