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PRESS RELEASE: Dabron Kain Debuts "Dominicana (Baby Bad)", music video.


Dabron Kain releases video for single “Dominicana (Baby Bad)” across all outlets. Directed by Robert Rivera, professional known as Animus Visual. The visual, shot in Tampa Bay, FL, last month and stars Novacane, Melissa Elle, Madeline. The sexy, stunning, and soaring visual upholds a tradition of unforgettable and cinematic music videos from the visionary artist/director duo, upping the ante for releases this year.

View the video below, or link here:

In addition to the video, the single has seen exponential growth since its 2018 release, accumulating over 2 million streams across platforms as the lead track from “The Light” EP, available on all digital outlets.

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About Dabron Kain:

From an early age, Dabron Kain set out to become a performer. The Hip Hop artist based out St. Petersburg, FL, grew up to become the self-proclaimed “Illest Introvert” alive. Dabron notes growing up out of poverty, politics, his personal life experiences and real-life situations as the inspiration for his content. Some of his major influences are Nas, Tupac, Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Kanye West (to name a few). His approach to his songs can be described as sophisticated grit, and pure passion, delivered with grade A lyricism and a myriad of cadences to his flows. With his latest release, “The Light” album, Dabron Kain is set on proving why he deserves the crown.

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