• Visionary Rising

Join Our Podcast Network

Visionary Rising is launching a Podcast Network for Creatives by Creatives and we want YOU! Rising X Revolution (pronounced "Rising and Revolution") wants to tell the stories of the future using the technology of the future, so if you have an idea but no idea on how to launch it - you should contact us.

This opportunity is perfect for you if you meet the following criteria:

1) Are part of an underrepresented group (Woman, Minority, Creative Entrepreneur)

2) Have less than 10K subscribers monthly

3) have completed less than 12 shows on an existing podcast

4) Don't know how to start a podcast but have lots of ideas.

Members of our network will be provided with access to capital, strategic partnership support, learn the basics of marketing their podcast from our team of partners who have successfully funded and secured sponsorship for podcasts prior to launching.

Ideally, we want to tell stories of a creative or motivational nature, but we're open to ideas.

In order to pitch, you'll need to follow the steps below:

- Send an email to info@thisisvisionary.co with "Podcast Pitch" in subject

- Provide an outline of your pitch (can be 1 paragraph or 10, doesn't matter as long as our team can understand the point).

- Explain why you want to join the Visionary Network

And, that's it! A member from our team will contact you if you're selected to be a part of our inaugural platform run.